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ISBN# 9781451657210
17 July 2012
Simon and Schuster
368 Pages
Women’s Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Anne Boleyn has never been anybody special, until she catches the eye of Henry Tudor, king of Hollywood’s elite “A” list. After watching her older sister, Mary, be added to a backlist of Henry’s discarded mistresses, Anne is certain she has a foolproof plan. Now she only has to keep him interested, convincing him that marriage is in his best interest, if only everyone else in Hollywood do not constantly try to knock Anne off her pedestal.

Against the backdrop of the rich and powerful, Anne must navigate the murky waters of social climbing in a cutthroat world. Henry’s grasping ex-wife, Katherine, is ready to hang him out to dry. His corporate VP Theresa wants all the power her position demands, willing to supplant Anne with a hot, new model to get it done. Anne has only her brother, George, to help her in her bid to claw her way to the top.

As Anne immerses deep in the game of keeping her claws firmly seated in Henry’s considerable coattails, she begins to see the players around her more clearly. They climb high, and they fall far. When the king of Hollywood decides to run for public office, the stakes get higher and the price becomes steeper. In the end, Anne will learn that ruling the world can happen in so many different ways.

This fresh take on the destructive attraction between Anne Boleyn and Henry Tudor includes all of your favorite historical characters in their new modern personas. While it is fascinating to see the twist that Ms. Wolper brings to the tale of an English king and queen with American identities and values, the story is complex and often a little murky in nature. However, this book will be an utter delight to lovers of Tudor myths and gossipy history.

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