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Book 2 in the All That Glitters Series
ISBN#: 9780397444813/9780307459121
June 15, 2010
Waterbrook Press
Trade Paperback/E-book
330 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Anna Finch is a rebel. She does not like riding side saddle or wearing dresses when she rides her horse, Maisie. Unlike other women, she wants to pursue a career instead of being tied down to a husband and a family. Anna’s ambition is to be a journalist, though she keeps that secret from her parents. The trouble is that it is 1885 and her father wants her married off to a man who can handle her.

Jeb Sanders is a Pinkerton agent who is on the hunt for Doc Holliday. He believes Doc killed a woman he loved and Jeb wants to even the score. His hunt for Doc takes place on his own time. As a Pinkerton man, he has been hired to keep an eye on one rebel daughter, Anna Finch.

On a morning ride, Anna decides to stop and target practice with her Smith & Wesson. Shooting at a hollow log, she never dreams there would be a man sleeping inside the log. Jeb had decided to meet up with an informant about the whereabouts of Doc Holliday. While waiting, Jeb fell asleep only to be rudely awakened by a bullet. Later on, he finds out that the young woman who shot him is also the daughter of Barnaby Finch, the mischievous girl Jeb has been hired to keep out of trouble. At least, until her father can marry her off.

Right from the beginning, I fell for Anna’s charm and wit. Her sharp tongue may have kept many men away, but Jeb took what she threw at him and gave it right back. When the legendary Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday were thrown into the mix, my attention never wavered from the story. Ms. Y’Barbo takes the facts and blends them into a fictional tale in such a way that Denver, Colorado in 1885 came to life. I have always loved historical books, especially those set in the west, but so often they all begin to read the same. This author has given me hope that tides of historical books are turning and made me begin my search for wonderful historical books once again.

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