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ISBN# 9781619370319
November 2011
Terpsichore, Musa Publishing
E Book
85 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Nicole and Josh Evans relocate to Hamilton for a job opportunity after Josh has been out of work for a year. Nicole feels she has had no say in the move from their home town, Troy, six hours away, but she tries to be a good sport. The move is a 180-degree lifestyle change for them both. Josh enjoys the opportunities it affords and becomes a workaholic, leaving Nicole with no family or friends except Heather, the boss’s wife.

Heather and Adam Cahill are living in a modest McMansion in an upscale suburban community. They have two young children and what looks like an ideal life. But Heather always wants more. Adam would prefer a simpler life and confides to Nicole that he would like to slow down and turn over more responsibility to her husband, Josh.

Nicole brings a picnic basket to Josh for a quiet lunch together, but he claims he’s too busy and sends her away. She shares the lunch with Adam in an empty courtyard near the office. Very gradually, Nicole and Adam share more of their frustrations, then the first kiss and later more, for which they are both ashamed but helpless to deny.

The story evolves in believable ways. Referring to sex, Jeremy Irons said, in the movie Scandal, “It's not the act, it's the ache.” Ms. Wen knows how to make the reader ache along with these two couples. She paces the plot perfectly, proving herself to be a skilled and disciplined author in charge of her work. There are just enough characters to make the story real without getting the reader lost in minutia. An Imperfect Wife is a little gem.

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