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The Private Lives of Public Playboys

Book 1: A Night of No Return
Book 2: Woman in a Sheikh's World
Book 3: Lost to the Desert Warrior

ISBN# 9780373131044
16 October 2012
192 Pages
Romantic Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Lucas Jackson considers himself as cold and as heartless as the storm currently dumping endless amounts of snow on his remote country estate. He longs for nothing more than solitude and a bottle, in order to find the oblivion he craves. Anything that can keep the memories at bay is a welcome distraction.

Emma Gray has better things to do than traipse around the British countryside with her workaholic boss’s precious client file. She has more duties and responsibilities than time. Unfortunately, her loyalty to her boss sometimes tugs her in conflicting directions. When she finds Lucas isolated and half drunk in his rural castle, Emma knows she cannot simply leave him there alone.

Emma should have left the estate at her first chance. Now the snow makes it impossible. Not only is she trapped; she is snowed in with a man who stirs her blood like no one else she has ever met. Lucas is a brooding, seducer with a tormented past that finds an answering chord in Emma’s heart.

Any reader looking to pick up a quick, easy read will enjoy this book. The characters have complex pasts and a host of emotional baggage that ramps up the angst in the story. However, it might have been nice to see just a little more pay off on the promising climax. The hero’s lightning quick change of heart and the resulting resolution leave something to be desired.

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