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ISBN: 978-0-9811965-0-3
June 2009
Dark Dragon Publications
Trade Paperback
$34.95 Canada
580 pages
Paranormal Fiction
Rating: 3 cups

Changeling Prelude to the Chosen.

The boy has always been hidden away; Auntie has always told him how dangerous it would be if anyone ever saw him. He soon finds she is right when a group of children beat him to near death, leaving him unable to tolerate being in sunlight, something that was not easy to start with for he is an albino. He is shocked to discover Auntie has invited a man to train him, but Geraint soon wins his heart as well as his loyalty.

Father Paul Notus is a man of god and has been for the last few hundred years. As a chosen, he is immortal. He has sworn to never choose another and does God's work the best he can.

When the boy accidently shoots him with an arrow, Notus’ instincts take over and he attacks. The boy bites him back, swallowing Notus’ blood and the two become chosen and chooser; a bond that can last an eternity.

Angel of Death: Book One of the Chosen.

After fourteen hundred years together, The Angel and Notus are closer than any father and son. But now the Master of London has taken Notus and The Angel has to find out who is poisoning the Chosen and get him home safely.

Jeanie is a feisty Scottish lass who has worked for Father Notus since arriving in London. When the good Father is taken, she is determined to help The Angel and The Noble in their quest to save him.

The Noble Fernando de Sagres realises the only way to accomplish the task the Master of London has given them is to work together. So he, along with The Angel and the annoying but ultimately useful mortal Jeanie, set off to find who and why his kind is being poisoned. When the journey takes them to France, they find not only the truth about the poison, but Fernando discovers the secret that is The Angel; a truth he no longer wishes to know.

This is a compelling and engaging, if challenging, book. The story is complex in that both The Angel and The Noble relive parts of their lives through memories and dreams which often takes away from the action in the main story. It is endearing to watch The Angel and Jeanie build a relationship. Against all odds, they come together in love. I was disappointed that the end of the book is so sad. With the difficult life that he has had, losing the one he loves is heartbreaking for both the character and the reader. Ms Dales is an amazing writer but I feel the story would have been better as a series of shorter stories to incorporate the memories.

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