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ISBN #: 978-0-982989-70-8
October 2010
Self Published
307 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Abigail Gibbons is beautiful and well educated, and has the bearing of a duchess. She is, however, illegitimate, and the stigma limits her choices in life and how the world sees her.

Jackson is the new Earl of Waterford. He is tall, blonde, handsome, and autocratic. He is at his wits’ end trying to sort out the mess his grandfather left behind.

Abby is grateful to the Earl of Waterford for offering her a position as companion to his wife. She suspects that he paid for her education at a good school. When she gets to London, she is distressed to find that the old earl has died and his grandson has no idea who she is. Insulted and distraught, she flees to a friend’s house. Jackson is soon put right by his grandmother and sent to find Abby. She loves her new position and employer, who treats her like a member of the family. The two fall in love, but an earl does not marry a bastard. Abby is not quite who she seems and neither is Jackson.

Ms. Hilden has written an entertaining and well researched historical romance. The characters are very real, with all of the virtues and foibles of people of any time period. Abby is a wonderfully sympathetic character who does not let her circumstances limit her. She also does not let anyone push her around. Jackson is overbearing but has a good heart. He is a bit too fond of making Abby jealous which can be annoying but overall I did like him. The plot grabbed my interest right from the start and held it to the very end. I really liked the interaction between the main characters and Abby’s friend Clarissa with her overbearing father and colorblind mother was a bit of comic relief.

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