Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN 9780345803146
28 January 2014
Anchor Books
304 Pages
Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Elm Howells is still reeling from the unexpected death of her son, Ronan. No matter that her husband and their daughter, Moira, seem to be moving on, Elm is floundering. Even her career as an art authenticator for a prestigious auction house is teetering on the brink. When Elm happens upon a conversation about clone technology, she begins to wonder if there is another way.

Meanwhile in Paris, Gabriel Connois cannot seem to get his art career off the ground. He is long past the age of an up-and-coming artist and sick of seeing his peers stumble upon their big breaks. When an acquaintance introduces Gabriel to a man who has made a fortune on “rediscovered” art, a plan begins to take form. It might be time for Gabriel to put his talent for reproducing masterworks to use.

Suddenly two completely separate lives head for a crash course. Gabriel must rethink his values on true art and the value of money. Elm discovers that originality can often pop up even in the most perfect forgery. In the end, both will have a profound impact on the other as they search for truth amid the lies.

This unusual and innovative story ties together two seemingly unconnected lives. Readers from all walks of life will connect with Elm’s hurt and wounded heart, or Gabriel’s frustration and determination to succeed. The story itself draws you in and makes you long to see how it ends. Definitely a new, refreshing read.

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