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ISBN# (13) 9780061706875
14 August 2012
William Morrow Publishing
320 Pages
Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

A soccer mom by day, when twilight fades Heloise is anything but. For the right price, she will be anyone that one wants her to be and more. In a modern, upscale, suburban setting, Heloise is queen of the oldest profession in the world. Not bad for a girl who started with almost nothing.

Heloise has begun life as Helen Lewis, a witness to the twisted love triangle between her mother, her father and her father’s real wife. From an early age, she has learned the ins and outs of the horrifying emotional minefield of the thing labeled love. Escaping the cycle of love, hate and violence has been a necessity achieved only by living on the edge of disaster. When she turns up pregnant, Helen risks a deal with the devil for a chance to raise her child away from the only life she has ever known.

For years, Heloise raises her son, Scott, in the world deemed respectable by society, while operating her own less than legal business beneath the radar. Now everything she has worked so carefully to create is at risk. Her past has come knocking, and the carefully crafted facade is threatening to crumble. Sometimes, the sins of the father are more than anyone should have to bear.

Ms. Lippman pens an intricate novel, with stunning insights into the mind of a woman most of us would publicly scorn. Heloise is intense, a vibrant and determined woman unwilling to settle for anything less than what she deserves. Though she rises above her roots, we see her emotionally scarred and broken, dealing with circumstances beyond the understanding of almost anyone. At times uncomfortable, this story will force you to think twice about those around you, lest you judge what you cannot possibly fathom.

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