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The Hillary Greene Mystery Series

Book 1: A Narrow Escape
Book 2: On the Straight and Narrow
Book 3: Narrow is the Way
Book 4: By a Narrow Majority
Book 5: Through a Narrow Door
Book 6: With a Narrow Blade
Book 7: Beside a Narrow Stream
Book 8: Down a Narrow Path
Book 9: Across a Narrow Blue Line
Book 10: A Narrow Point of View
Book 11: A Narrow Exit
Book 12: A Narrow Return
Book 13: A Narrow Margin of Error
Book 14: Walk a Narrow Mile

A Hillary Greene Mystery, Book 12
ISBN-13: 9780373268795
May 2012, Re-released January 2014
Worldwide Library
$7.99 US / $8.99 CAN
251 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Retirement proves great in theory, but in truth, ex-D.I. Hillary Greene is bored to tears. Walking through the doors of the Thames Valley headquarters is like coming home, even if she is now only a consultant.

Having the legendary D.I. on his team is a coup Steven Crayle will take full advantage of. If she is half as smart and savvy as everyone claims, she will make CRT look very good, which will reflect right back on him.

The nine to five hours as a civilian consultant feel a little strange to someone used to working non-stop until the job is done, although Hillary is making it work. A cold murder case from twenty years ago stumped the D.I. in charge, so now it is up to Hillary and her colleagues to see what they can dig up. It seems an almost impossible challenge, yet one she can really sink her teeth into. If only this nagging unease that someone is watching her would just go away, she could truly focus on the job at hand.

Ms. Martin is a pro at leading her readers down a very unnerving and winding road. The subtle threatening vibe that Hillary feels transfers right off the page and you can almost feel the pressure. I also really like that this story does not take off on some crazy man hunt, but focuses on details that lend real credibility to the characters. Add to that a little sexual tension, as well as a dangling lure of danger, and you are hooked right into buying the next book in this series.

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