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ISBN: 978-0-345-52378-5
October 2010
Ballantine Books/ The Random House publishing Group
$16.00 US/$18.00 CAN
256 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Meg Hobart has everything she could ever dream of, a successful husband, a beautiful home, three wonderful children, money, vacations, etc. She seems to have the perfect life until one Thanksgiving Day when it all comes crashing down around her. They lost everything. A deal her husband made fell through and now everything is shattered.

Meg and her family must give up the life they have enjoyed and trade it all for a much simpler life with Meg’s parents who are not the most loving and optimistic people in the world. But since there is little choice, they must do what they need to survive.

A bad twist of fate or twist of luck happens when The Hobarts are traveling north to their new home when an accident in Amish country, Pennsylvania, leaves them without transportation and in the hands of a loving family. Can all this make a difference when they have lost so much or is it all just too late?

This is truly a heartwarming story, not just for the holidays but for all year long. The Hobart's story is one you may have heard of and this family gets a chance to learn new and see another way of life. I very much enjoy hearing stories of the Amish as well. I live not too far from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and have always held a keen interest in their lifestyle. Cynthia Keller takes you into their world and opens it wide for all to enjoy. An Amish Christmas is one book you will not regret picking up to read.

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