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Mistress of the Art of Death Series
Book 1 - Mistress of the Art of Death
Book 2 - The Serpent’s Tale
Book 3 - Grave Goods

Mistress of the Art of Death, Book 4
ISBN# 9780399156281/ 9780425238868/ 9781101186169/ 9781101181355
April 2010/March 2011
Berkley Books
Hardcover / Trade Paperback/ eBook
$25.95 / $15.00/ $9.99
383 Pages
Historical Mystery
Rating: 3 Cups

Once again her life is being uprooted by men, and Adelia Aguilar disparages the fact that as a woman she has little or no say in her future. King Henry II has ordered her to accompany his daughter to Palermo, and it seems to matter little that her own daughter is to be left behind.

The love of his life and mother of his child cannot even be acknowledged as such for Rowley, Bishop of Saint Albans. His duty is to the church and his king, but Adelia’s safety is always forefront in his mind.

Duty has become the most hateful of words to Adelia, and it does not help that Rowley and her king are in complete agreement. She is to leave Allie behind so that she may see to Princess Joanna’s health on their journey to Palermo. With the huge retinue being dispensed to protect and serve the princess, Adelia feels very confident of her safety, but when deaths begin to occur, she is certain it has nothing to do with her. She only wants to get home to her daughter, but the malevolent force stalking her wants her life, and he will be overjoyed to cut down anyone to get his way.

Adelia is a powerful woman in a time when most females are barely considered second class citizens, but she never seems to notice the freedoms afforded her. The anguish of leaving her daughter behind blinds her to the fact that Rowley and her friends are trying to keep her alive, and she often allows her emotions to override her intelligence. The mysterious villain however is superbly done, and his pursuit of Adelia is perfectly executed and devious. The cast of characters in Adelia’s company are also varied and remarkable, each having their own distinctive voice and personality, which I feel is the most impressive aspect of this story.

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