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ISBN#: Unavailable
March 2011
Solstice Publishing
E book
86 Pages
Paranormal, vampire, erotica, erotic romance, ménage, multiple partners
Rating: 4 Cups

Amber Holland is happy being young and single and is not ready to settle down with just one man. However, she is about to have her world turned upside down.

Alexei and Dimitri Stoniski are brothers and vampires. They have been searching for their blood mate for centuries, and they have finally found her.

Amber does not want to go to the big swanky party her sister-in-law is throwing, but she promised to stop by after work. She plans to just have a drink and then sneak out, go home, and get comfortable. Unfortunately for her, Alexei and Dimitri have other ideas. She makes it home, but then the two vampires follow her and use their powers on her to get her to let them into her home where they then take her over and take her back to their home. However, Amber is less than enthused about being kidnapped or about finding out that vampires are real. The whole idea is less than appealing to her. With a little luck she manages to escape their clutches, only to be taken out by the spell the men have put on the front gate. Near death, her mates have no choice but to turn her in order to save her and themselves. But Amber still has no intention of staying with the brothers, even hot sex is not enough to convince her that she belongs with them. It is only when a rogue vampire with connections to a demon attacks Amber that she begins to truly understand where she truly belongs and why. Will Alexei and Dimitri get to Amber in time, or will the rogues backed by their demon win?

Amber’s Blood Mates is titillating vampire ménage romance! I loved Amber’s spunk; she really gives her mates a run for their money. These two men have no idea what hit them when Amber is done with them, and I just loved that. The sex is highly emotional as well as totally hot. While some authors have totally turned me off with trying to add blood drinking into the sex scenes, Ms. Wilde does it in such as way as to make it seem not only plausible but kind of normal, too, at least for this trio. If you have not had the pleasure of entering Ms. Wilde’s worlds, then I highly encourage you to do so by picking up a copy of Amber’s Blood Mates today!

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