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ISBN# 1-59431-780-1
December 2009
Write Words, Inc.
351 Pages
Contemporary Inspirational Romance
Ratings: 4 Cups

Arabella Bianchi feels old at forty, she cannot keep up with the skinny twenty-year-olds in the music industry. When her agent, Kasper Jasicki, sets her up for something different in Canada, the thought sounds uniqueuntil she meets the preacher.

Krystian Jasicki is not in the market for any marital partner. He only wishes to concentrate on becoming a preacher. Any relationship would only complicate matters, and he does not like complications.

Arabella believes a short stint in Harmony Village, in Ontario, could be a welcome change. Then again, perhaps she is being punished when she learns she is going to perform at a small church. She is to meet Krystian Jasicki. Kasper surprises his brother, Krystian with a Christmas present, a chance to become a fan of pop music. Krystian is not too keen on this gift. How can he take some floozy under his wing and how will it look? He is there to help people with real problems, not some pop singer with a dwindling audience. Arabella has never met a man who has yet reached down into her soul. Will Arabella be the one that can make Krystian’s life uncomplicated? Can Krystian be the one to offer her a happy family? The struggle of both worlds is about to begin.

Anna Dynowski creates a delightful read in A Matter of Faith. With the way in which she crafts the characters, I was able to gather a good idea of the reaction of Krystian when Kasper was telling him about his guest arriving for the holidays. The dialogue is simply wonderfully fashioned and keeps the story moving at an ideal pace. There were some amusing moments in the story. A class act read with all the gracefulness to bring on some heartfelt smiles while warming the heart.

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