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ISBN#: 9780670014682
23 January 2014
Viking Juvenile / Penguin Group
$ 17.99 US /$19.99 CAN
431 Pages
Young Adult Historical
Rating: 5 cups

Victoria Darling, at age 17 in 1909, does the unthinkable for a proper lady. She poses nude in an art class that she is not even supposed to be attending. She has been expelled from school and is sent back to London to her parents, who only offer two solutions to calm the scandal: marriage or exile with her aunt. Victoria wants neither.

Setting her sights on finding a way to attend art school while satisfying her parents and society, Vicky agrees to a marriage to Edmund Carrick-Humphrey, a choice she feels that will allow her to go to art school without any trouble. But she soon finds that might not be the case.

Vicky manages to involve herself with the suffragettes and their protests, even managing to get herself arrested. She falls in love with a constable way beneath her station, who just happens to be her model and muse. However, soon it all comes crashing down around her and she finds her fights are just beginning.

I cannot give enough praise for Victoria Darling's story. She made a tumultuous time in history entertaining as well as educational. Women today tend to forget what our forefathers and foremothers went through to give us our freedoms. Vicky was just one woman who stood up for these changes. I admired her courage and tenacity. An added bonus to this read is the author's notes on the time period clothing to the specific families mentioned through the story and how all this information was incorporated into the storyline. Kudos on an outstanding book that all ages can enjoy!

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