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ISBN 978-0-9787738-9-2
May 2009
Whimsical Press
220 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Leigh left her foster home and never looked back until she received an invitation to her best friend’s college graduation party. It is not until she attends the party that Leigh learns she is infamous for her disappearance, earning scorn from her step-brother and most of the town.

Jason is a reporter and feels there is a story about the beautiful woman who re-appeared and shocked the town. Soon though, he learns that not only is Leigh an interesting story, but she is in danger from a drug dealer and the police.

In the horrific world of child abuse, drug dealing, and small town "good ole boy“ politics, Leigh doesn't know who, if anyone, she can count on. While she feels for Jason, he may the biggest threat around her.

Leigh is fascinating, and Jason is intriguing as the intrepid journalist. The friendship she has with her brother and former best friend give the tale a warmth that the extremely serious mystery needs. The drugs, prostitution, and violence can be harsh, but the players' concern for others keeps the story encouraging. The dialogue is well done, and relatively clean for a book dealing with violence. While the bad guy is known early, the reasons are worth waiting for. Leigh's interaction with the villain and the police require a logic jump, but this is a very interesting book. The dual love stories added to the book and were a perfect platform for changing loyalties. The sequel is set up well, without being flagrant. I look forward to reading it when it comes out.

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