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ISBN# 9781419939129
March 2012
Ellora’s Cave Publications
68 Pages
Paranormal Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Game Warden Noire Pelletier is mourning the death of her quiet sister, Fawn. She discovers her sister’s murderer is on a mad-man on a killing spree, Noire promises not to stop until the killer is found. Called into Toronto as a wildlife expert, she is treated with derision by many, but not by the handsome detective she met on the ferry to the crime scene.

RMP, aka Mountie Cam Dawson, has a beastly secret, and as soon as he meets Noire, he senses there is more to her than appears. Instantly and strongly drawn to her, Cam admits he desires her and he is going to protect Noire at all cost.

Cam and Noire come to realize they are both “different” than the people around them. Noire even grew up in a family of “shifters”, but can they get past the differences and trust each other enough to solve the case? Noire will never back down, but an Alpha Mountie has her in sights far more than just this case.

The plot of Alpha Mountie is very engaging, with the locations changing easily from the big city to the extreme wilderness effortlessly. While the lead characters are well developed, I felt Noire has too many emotional jumps to be convincing. Cam is very strong, enough to help Noire see how change was to be accepted, and he helped her think things through, an Alpha with a soft spot. The sex scenes were good, and the characters responsive to each other, but I never felt them click as a couple. All in all though, Alpha Mountie is an interesting read.

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