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Stranger Things Series
Book 1: All Wounds

Book #1 in the Stranger Things series
ISBN# 978-1-60659-275-5
Oct 11, 2011
Mundania Press, LLC
216 Pages
Paranormal Young Adult
Rating: 4 Cups

Meet Rebecca MacDonnell, newly appointed Lady Healer and Seer of the Otherworld. At 16 years old her teen world begins crumbling while the Otherworld takes dominion. Soon she discovers hailing from a long standing ancestry of humankind magical folks. Rebecca’s talent will not fully manifest until her seventeenth birthday, only weeks away. Her training needs to commence now, for the Otherworld needs her.

Master Vampire Sydney Cardoza volunteers to mentor Rebecca, providing a crash course in Immortal Healing as well as survival. The most critical wisdom he bestows how her moralistic character not valued when dealing with hostile, ruthless preternaturals. Strength, calm and reasoning are traits for a warrior/healer when facing wounded creatures, or those who desire war because it makes them… happy. However, keeping his attraction under control becomes tougher the longer he is Rebecca’s presence.

Demons enjoy chaos, and anything that perpetuates the macabre. Years ago they kidnapped a revered Healer, doing it again isn’t far from their thoughts because angering the Ethereals leaves the demons elated. Syn and Billy, the wolf-man, diligently instruct Rebecca in the art of healing, as well as fending off sporadic attacks from unearthly creatures. To everyone, it’s obvious how lacking her skills are, only made worse by her eroding confidence and fear of failure. Rebecca must learn to embrace her uniqueness while accepting her capability in healing and protecting the inhuman creatures who depend upon her.

Ms James has developed fresh, fleshy characters that are natural, genuine and loveable. The story is a thrilling, engaging, delightful action packed adventure. The premise moves smoothly with believable dialog, vivid descriptions, authentic conflicts, and some sweet teen romance.

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