Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN- 978-1-61252-127-5
January 2012
Desert Breeze Publishing
$ 5.99
147 Pages
Inspirational/Christian Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Zack Brenner was working in Iraq to earn money to keep his business back home afloat. Just as things were going smoothly, a horrific thing happened, Zack was injured in a mortar attack by insurgents and lost his sight. Now he is back home with a life he had not prepared for and with an image of a woman from one of the last images he saw seared into his mind.

Jessie Weaver is truly lucky to be alive. She survived the terror attacks of 9/11. Jessie believes her life was saved by a man who left behind his attaché case and if not for her trying to return it to him, she would have never survived. She is determined to find him again and the trail leads her to Zach.

Both Jessie and Zack find that life after disaster is never easy but through time, love and support both of them are managing to move forward, albeit slowly. When Jessie’s life is threatened by a crazy man, Zack discovers family secrets and the attaché story comes to light. Are Jessie and Zack fated to find love as part of God’s larger plan?

What a true testament of strength in the worst of times. Both Jessie and Zach have had their share of bad times yet, no matter what, they both seem to be strengthened by it. No one knows what plans God holds for us and Jessie and Zack’s story prove that. With a beautiful background, the gorgeous mountains of Pennsylvania (which happens to be my home place!). Strong characters and a moving storyline you will definitely enjoy Mr. Bond's newest release.

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