Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-0-06-136294-1
March 2010
397 Pages
Suspense / Mystery
Rating: 3 Cups

It is finally feeling like her world is back on track, as that last nasty case left D.I. Annie Cabbot definitely out of sorts. This case, however, may be even more troublesome for her career if she lets her loyalty to Banks interfere with orders from above.

Getting his holiday with Sophia cut short does not bode well for D.C.I. Alan Banks’ budding new relationship, as he can feel much the same resentment from her that he did from his ex. But as Banks begins peeling back the layers of this new case, he reveals hidden dangers that may prove treacherous for everyone involved.

The case is cut and dried, everyone says so, but Banks just cannot let it rest. A murder/suicide of a gay couple is not unheard of, but when one of those two is involved with MI6, all sorts of questions arise in his mind. Annie is flummoxed by Banks’ relentless hashing over a theory of an Othello plot behind the murder or a sinister involvement of secret service spooks. One thing is certain though, no matter how, why or who is involved, somebody wants them to stop digging, and that only makes Banks dig his heels in even deeper.

Still waters can hide a multitude of torment, and Banks is a perfect example. Surface-wise he is the epitome of calm, but underneath pain, insecurity, and passion bubble like acid. I would love to see more of that come to the forefront, with him as well as with Annie. They seem to orbit each other, connecting only infrequently and in such an impersonal manner, that it makes me long to see them completely engage professionally, personally, and emotionally.

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