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ISBN#: (13)9780373774586
August 2010
Harlequin Romance
409 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

She has a great life, of that Callie Grey is certain. A fantastic job, wonderful friends, and a delightfully kooky family, but there is still one thing missing, the love of her life. Well, he is not really missing, he just has not yet realized that he loves her as much as she loves him, and it is becoming very disconcerting for Callie.

Although he does not do warm and fuzzy, Dr. Ian McFarland has no doubt that he is very good at his job. His patients adore him, it is their owners, especially the ones of the female persuasion that he seems to have all of the problems with.

Mark...Mark, Mark, Mark the one and only name that has been wrapped around Callie’s heart since she was thirteen years old, and yet all these years later nothing has changed, at least not for her. She is still pining after her boss when he makes it abundantly clear that he has moved on, and the only thing Callie can do is pour out her heartache to a complete and utter stranger at the BMV. Ian is rather horrified after meeting Callie for the first, and yes, second time, but her unadulterated outpouring of emotion both happy and sad, has him taking notice, in a somewhat train wreck sort of way. The longer Callie is around Ian the more she realizes just how real and honest he is, and how she may have finally found her happily ever after.

If she were blonde, Callie would have the whole adorably annoying “Legally Blonde” thing wrapped up tight. And though she can come off as a perky cheerleader on speed, you find out pretty quickly that her huge, sometimes misguided heart is what you love best about her. Ian, on the other hand, is all a still waters run deep kind of guy, and that dichotomy in their personalities only intensifies their relationship. From peals of laughter to tears of loss there is never a dull moment with Callie on the scene, and I am delighted to share in the experience.

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