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ISBN- 978-1-4201-0457-8
November 2009
Kensington Books
316 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Caroline Huntington is visiting the island of Crete on her way to Vallata. She and her friend, Maggie Farnsworth, are on their way to appeal to the council about building an orphanage. An accident leaves Caroline alone on the beautiful island.

Alex Trentham is a recluse. Mr. Legault gives Alex the bones from the excavation sites. Alex puts them together and identifies the gender and age of the person. Alex is also a doctor, though he is content to deal only with the bones of the dead.

Caroline falls from her horse and is injured. Alex is the closest person so Caroline becomes his patient whether he likes it or not. Alex sends Ms. Farnsworth on with her mission. This leaves Caroline behind on Crete with nothing but boredom to look forward to. Back in Caroline’s London home, there are many changes taking place and her life could be in danger. Her uncle, Lord Denby, has decided to adopt her and make her an heir to his estate, which causes her cousin’s portion to decrease. Cousin Reginald has other plans for Caroline’s future.

I find this to be a wonderful example of historical romance. The lovely descriptions of the island and foods bring the book to life. I love the way Caroline adds so much life to Alex’s existence. Whether he wants to or not, poor Alex is a goner from the time Caroline is brought to his door for treatment of her dislocated elbow. He becomes a reluctant hero and that works for me. Ms. Lawson tells a powerful love story and draws the reader in within the first chapter. This tale comes with a high recommendation from this reviewer.

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