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The Personal Demons Trilogy
Book 1: A Little Too Far
Book 2: A Little Too Much
Book 3: A Little Too Hot

Personal Demons Trilogy, Book 1
ISBN# (10) 0062299018/(13) 9780062299017
17 September 2013
HarperCollins Publishing
336 Pages
New Adult/Young Adult
Rating: 4 Cups

Lexie Banks is very confused. Her feelings for her step-brother have come to a head, and she is unsure of what to do about it. While she is in Italy for her classes she becomes friends with an attractive Deacon, Alessandro. Instead of showing her the way toward peace, he adds a whole new layer of confusion to her problems.

Trent has looked after of Lexie and cared about her all of her life. They have shared everything and know each other better than anyone else. But after they do something they both have wanted to do for a long time, things get awkward. Now they do not know what to do.

Lexie has the best sexual experience of her life. Unfortunately, it is with her brother. She escapes to Rome to put it behind her, but she cannot stop thinking about it. Feeling guilty, she confesses at the local Catholic Church and ends up working with Alessandro Morretti. Extremely handsome, he is only months away from becoming a priest. Now she is attracted to him while still unable to get Trent off her mind. She has no idea what to do, only fairly certain she is going to Hell.

Lexie is a relatable character. She is an ordinary woman with some difficult choices to make. I can understand her dilemma. Trent is the good guy who understands Lexie and is always there for her. Alessandro is also a good friend with an interesting past. I enjoy the interplay between all of the characters and the ending. What is not to like? This is a cute and fun read with great emotions and chemistry mixed in.

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