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ISBN # 9781920501778
November 2011
Silver Publishing
Number of Pages: 318
Genres: Contemporary, Family & Relationships, Male/Female, Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Diane Is like a mother to her little sister Jessie, so when some creep posts nude pictures of Jess on his blog she comes to the rescue. The revenge that she comes up with is a bit unconventional, seduce him, get him naked, take his picture, and then blackmail him. She is pretty sure she got the creep; she had followed what her sister had told her. Her scheme does not work and Brian will not leave her alone. She avoids commitment and this guy seems to want it from her, Could she have gotten the wrong guy?

Brian is used to the way women treat him. Most are after his money but this one is after something else. After trying to work her revenge out on him he gets angry and decides to teach her not to try to blackmail him. He gets his people to investigate. The reasoning behind her actions adds to his fascination of her. Diane is not like other women he has known, she is adamant that he is the bad guy and refuses to give him a chance. So he is going to have to think of a way to convince and win her?

Diane still thinks that she has to protect her sister from bad things, even though Jess is way past being a child. Her scheme to take care of the nude pictures seems plausible enough to work, but she might have tried to pull it off on the wrong guy. Brian is surprised at the stunt she pulls, thinking she is trying to get something from him, and then he finds out what is really going on. Taking care of the nude pictures seems to be an easy thing to accomplish for Brian, getting Diane to not think him the bad guy and go out with him turns out to be not as easy … Persistence and inventiveness may be the key.

Diane and Brian’s story is a cute Cinderella-type romance that has a unique twist to it, starting off with an attempt at blackmail. As the story progresses the tension between the two builds, and it is done so well that at some points I did not want to stop reading. There were some points where I got frustrated at Diane’s stubbornness (can you say ‘cut your nose off to spite your face’?) but Brian’s persistence to keep trying made up for it. Taking care of the creep that tricked Jess the end seemed to happen pretty quickly, parts of it I did not expect, and the wrap up seemed to almost be an afterthought. The secondary characters of Jess and Ike had a nice beginning. I am hoping if there is a book with those two in it Jess is not as stubborn as her sister. I liked this story; it was light, entertaining, and a nice read.

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