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  Knight's Series

Book 1 - A Knight's Vengeance

Book 2 - A Knight's Reward

Book 3- A Knight's Temptation

Book 4 - A Knight's Persuasion

Book 4 of the Knight’s Series
ISBN: 9781605420967
May 2010
Medallion Press
$7.95-USA/ $8.95-CAN
447 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Edouard de Lanceau is to meet his possible betrothed for the first time and he is not looking forward to it. However, after meeting the lovely Juliana, he is sure they will work out fine.

Lady Juliana de Greyne is enthralled with Edouard, until a mishap has her tumbling into a well. At their second meeting a compromising position has him becoming engaged to her troublesome sister instead.

A year has passed since the wretched events had Edouard losing the woman he knew was the one for him. Seeing Juliana again hurt, unconscious, and in danger has the knight determined to protect her with his last breath. Being imprisoned with her was not part of the plan, and as the cold seeps into their very bones, Juliana and Edouard must keep warm however they can. Will they be able to escape prison, survive an evil plot, defy death, only to find they are unable to get that one sumptuous kiss they both want to taste so badly?

A Knight’s Persuasion is an outstanding read that grips you from the beginning and holds you enthralled until the end. Ms. Kean always has a way of capturing the reader’s attention that keeps you enraptured as the characters battle evil and search for a way to overcome their unbelievable obstacles toward love. One of the best things about this novel is how enticing one simple kiss is and how every touch, every look has the characters aching to fulfill that missed moment from the beginning pages. It gives you a sense of foreplay unlike anything you have ever read before, an almost teaser that will have you holding your breath each time Juliana and Edouard think about kissing. What a remarkable book this is!

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