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ISBN #: 9780983780953
August 2011
Pink Petal Books
188 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Maddie’s new name is Maddie Grey and she is on the run from her sister’s killer. She is beautiful, resourceful and mourning for her sister, as well as the man she loved. Her nephew, Jesse, is everything to her and she will do anything to keep him safe.

Zach McKnight comes from a large ranching family and supplements their income by working on oil rigs in the off-season. He is large, handsome and very protective of those he loves.

Maddie is on the run with her six-month-old nephew, Jesse. The little boy’s father killed both Maddie’s sister, Lillian, and Maddie’s boyfriend, Vince. The well-connected murderer is now free and looking for his son. She meets Zach McKnight in a Galveston bar and is irresistibly drawn to him, but she cannot tell him who she is or what she is running from. Her sister’s killer is ruthless and will let no one get between him and his son.

The author does a good job of combining romance and suspense in this story. Maddie is a very sympathetic character and quite courageous in her efforts to save her nephew. Zach is very protective of her from the very beginning, and the reader will fall in love with him just as quickly as Maddie did. Zach’s large family adds quite a bit of color to the story right up to the exciting and explosive climax.

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