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ISBN#: 9781935348634
September 2009
Amira Press
21 Pages
Vampire Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lord Sebastian Arsov is a vampire. With this role comes great responsibility to keep their kind a secret from the human world.

Katja Arianna Morgan has been Sebastian's blood slave since she was seventeen. After she has served her ten years, her memories will be erased and she will go on living like nothing has happened.

But her friendship with Sebastian has turned into love and she is willing to sacrifice everything to be more. Vampire law states that if any human is used as a bed slave, they are to be given the kiss of death and must die after giving their body to a vampire. Katja is willing to die for her Shellar, her Master, for she wants to taste the passion that only he can unfold within her body and soul. With that in mind she sets about a seduction scene that will kill her in the end, unless Sebastian can figure out that the woman he is pleasuring is the woman he himself has grown to love.

What a romantic notion; ready to die for the man you love just to get a taste of what he has to offer. Ms. Saare tells the story of the ultimate sacrifice for the noblest reason of all and adds enough spice to heat us up on a cold day. A Kiss Before Dying is a beautiful tale full of sensual promise as seen through the eyes of a young woman in love with the undead. This is a hot and zesty story that will complement any paranormal or erotic reader's palette.

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