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ISBN: 9781611185461
October 2011
Loose Id LLC
128 Pages
BDSM Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

When her aunt dies, Chelsea Krakowski receives news that she has inherited her aunt’s house. Even though her brother claims the house is haunted, Chelsea thinks it just needs a little TLC.

Trent Johnson thought there was a squatter in Pat Palmer’s house. Finding out it is her niece Chelsea, Trent knows that life has just gotten more interesting.

Dalton Cornick meets Chelsea soon after Trent does and he likes what he sees. He does not want Trent getting his grubby hands on the woman he wants all to himself.

Chelsea is not quite sure how she went from single to having two men vying for her attention in the matter of hours, but she is reveling in the sensual interest they are showing her. All too soon rumors of the house being haunted start to come true as strange noises, clanging dishes, and banging cabinets have Chelsea questioning whether she should stay in her aunt’s home or leave. As the ghost continues to put pressure on Chelsea, her feelings for Trent and Dalton intensify and soon, her life is spinning out of control. Who will Chelsea choose?

I really wanted to fall in love with A Haunted Romance. The idea of two men vying for a woman’s attention while her house is trying to tell her something really intrigued me. The plot is quite unique, but the story did not always hold my attention. Sindra van Yssel does know how to set up her characters to show a side that readers will find interesting. I think it was how fast Chelsea went from being a character who just received her aunt’s house to a sex-starved woman that put me off a bit. I do want to state that the mysterious Minerva adds a ton of flavor to this tale and seems to give it the extra seasoning it really needed.

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