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Spirit Hunter Series

Promise Me Forever
Against All Odds

A Spirit Hunter Novel
ISBN# 9781603947169
August 2012
New Concepts Publishing
209 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Spirit Hunter Ryder Furlow is captain of the elite branch of changeling warriors fighting against the Rogues. At a crucial phase of their war, Ryder and his partner are sent to protect a broken shaman healer, Lily Simone, without being given any reason, and bring her to the Spirit Council stronghold.

Lily is horrified. For some reason, the powers she has thought gone since her childhood seem to be coming back in bits and pieces. Even scarier are the sudden attacks by the Rogue jaguars and her unexpected protector, who is also a jaguar but somehow different from the rest.

The first sniff of Lily breaks Ryder’s jaguar out, the animal recognizing his mate. Sensing her unease and terror, it takes all of his will power to control the animal and not to claim her as his mate. Lily is adamant not to return to the place of her nightmares, the place where she has been broken, but the continuous attacks on her make it impossible. The only person she feels safe with is Ryder, yet her past will not let her trust him. Unable to determine why she is so important to both the council and the rogues, Ryder does his best to protect her while trying to pry her secrets out and make her trust him before he can claim her. With the past threatening her and the odds going against them, will Lily be able to trust and accept him as a mate and find love?

I have found this book to be okay. It has its moments, but I expect so much more. I have also found the background story a little vague. Would have preferred for the author to explain a bit more about who and what Spirit Hunters, Shamans and the Spirit world are, how they operate, etc. The interactions between Lily and Ryder also become a tad bit annoying after a while–Ryder with his commitment issues, and Lily with her trust issues. Personally, I have found Ryder’s brother, Colin, to be much more fascinating. If he gets a book, I would love to read about him. I do like the ending, but would have loved to see the action. If you want a steamy read with small sensual encounters to come together finally, then go for this book.

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