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October 2011
SMC Publishing
200 pages
Women’s Fiction
Rating: 4 cups

Beth, Jordan, Sarah and Tracey: These four women met during their years in law school, and formed a tight bond with one another. One night they make a pact to return to Texas and meet the day before their ten-year class reunion, to see what has become of each other, and their dreams and aspirations for the future.

Beth Brewster wants to become a family law attorney and marry her boyfriend, Matt. Jordan Priestley has her eye on being a Hollywood entertainer lawyer. Sarah Canfield has dreams of being a juvenile court judge. And, Tracey, well, although she said she wanted to do litigation or criminal defense, Tracey Hiatt actually has no clue what her long-term goals are.

However, while they may have had their future goals, however specific or vaguely defined what they didn’t plan for is the group basically splitting up. A nasty surprise for Beth drives a wedge between her and Jordan, while Sarah and Tracey have a falling out over hurt feelings and unresolved issues. After law school, the four part ways and their lives each take expected and unexpected turns. Although they have reservations about meeting again, a promise is a promise, and they all agree to see each other the night before the reunion. What has happened in 10 years? Will they be able to see past their differences and reconnect once again?

This is a wonderful book that is well-plotted and character-driven. For the bulk of the story, each chapter rotates through one of the four main characters in either the past or present. This really helps to get a good sense of each character, and assists in moving the story swiftly along through a ten-year period without it dragging or seeming repetitive. I also like how the author does not shy away from difficult issues, like same-sex relationships and the difficulty of adopting, as this gives another unique dimension to the story. I would have liked to see perhaps some more diversity in terms of social and racial demographics, as this could have made the narrative even richer. However, it is still an excellent choice for any reader who is looking for a good women’s fiction novel to curl up with.

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