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A Sinners and Saints Story
ISBN: 9781595789341
30 April 2012
Liquid Silver Books
92 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

University librarian Clarice St. Clair turns twenty-five and receives a big surprise present from her mother. A deal with a demon exists since before she was born, so in three days she will become a succubus. She has a feeling her parents do not like her, but a demon contract…seriously? Such news, along with her old school girl crush Weston walking into her office and seeing her in an embarrassing situation, makes this her worst birthday yet.

Professor Weston Ryans has known Clarice since being a student of his and one of his favorites. They work together now, but he still remembers how much he likes her and the naughty things he has thought of doing with her after class. While on the way to apologize for walking in on her, he overhears her mother’s birthday surprise concerning a demon contract. He knows all about them…since he has lost his father to one.

Clarice does not believe demons are real, no matter what. The transformation to succubus is awaking her hungers, which Weston is willing to quench. Weston is determined to help her and prove his feelings are for her and not the succubus. There are only three days to get free of the contract. Is that enough time for her to be convinced?

The story is written well enough, so I have had no need for a back-story to understand what is going on and enjoy it. This is technically a companion book and you do not have to have read the other books in the “Sinners and Saints" series. After reading it, though, I really want to read the other ones. The relationship and scenes between Clarice and Weston are “just right”. They are not over done, just enough humor, just enough snark and just enough hotness. The description of Lucifer, not a horn and winged horror but a handsome impeccably dressed man poke at the traditional thoughts about demons, not to mention that of Pixley, the deranged hooker taking care of the demon contracts. In fact, passing it off as business only adds to the humor. Despite the seriousness of the situation, much fun is thrown in. I like reading stories that make me laugh, and I would read it again.

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