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ISBN-13: 9780373777884
October 29, 2013
$7.99 US / $8.99 CAN
331 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The Dance of the Winter King is going to go on even if Evie Stryker has to work 24/7 by herself to make it happen. Handling things on her own is all too familiar, so even if it kills her, these beautiful young girls will have their chance to shine on stage.

As a kid, Dante Jefferson's gang life took away the only person he will ever love; his mother. As a lawyer now, he is well aware of how far he has come, and how much it still hurts to lose someone you love.

Even with her family here in Fool's Gold, Evie still feels very much on her own; so when the entire town pitches in to help with the show she is speechless. She and Dante team up as a way to buffer the overwhelming Christmas spirit surrounding them, although that too is becoming so much more. They both agree to a fun loving no strings attached affair, which as it turns out is much harder in reality than in theory. Trying to re-establish a relationship with her family already has Evie's nerves running high; worrying about her heart getting broken by Dante may just push her over the edge.

It is easy to feel a deep and affectionate connection to Evie's character. She has a backbone of steel and the heart of a warrior on the outside, but inside she craves a closeness she cannot even express. Dante wants so badly for her to have what he never will, until it threatens to crumble his walls as well. Their connection is amazing, and their fears understandable, even if it makes you want to shake some sense into them.

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