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ISBN# Unavailable
June 2009
Hearts on Fire Books
216 pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Colonel Kendrick Landry is the command officer for the star craft Aurora. His current assignment takes him to Sirius V, where he and his crew are to put down the radical Eastern forces of that planet.

Major Maya Terrazone is the chief astrogator for the Aurora. On this mission Maya will have to deal with the ideas of killing innocents so others may live. This is a very hard lesson for her to learn.

Landry could not possible know that this would end up being one of his toughest missions ever. Not even the almost death of one of his chief officers on their last mission was going to compare to this latest task he was assigned. He and all his crew are going to have to come to terms with their own core values of good, evil, and faith. Nothing about this mission is going to be easy.

In this latest installment of the adventures of the Aurora and her crew G. Bryan Smith has strayed away a little bit from the old Star Trek T.V. series feel, and has drifted a bit too much into the real world politics of today. The overall story line is wonderful and well written. If you have read either of his other two books about Landry you will see a lot of your favorite characters returning in this book, plus a couple of new additions. For the most part I have enjoyed reading this story, but I wished he would have not gotten so tangled up in a retelling of our own real world political struggle with the Middle East.

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