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ISBN# 9780983488538
June 18, 2011
Rose Heart Publishing
Trade Paperback
222 Pages
Anthology, Historical and Contemporary Suspense, Mystery
Rating: 2 Cups

A Love in Time of War

Maria is highly educated and aware of her place and responsibilities as the daughter of a Bulgarian general in 1915. Meeting the older but intriguing Turk, Mustafa, has her ready to give up everything, but she knows there are obstacles in their way.

Mustafa is an up and coming Turkish politico working at the embassy in Sofia. He immediately falls in love with Maria, a woman he might have killed in the past war. Desiring to kidnap her or finding a way to make their love acceptable is weighing heavily on him.

A Love in Time of War is one of the best books at describing scenes and emotions. The language and dialogue are very unique to the point of odd. Modern mannerism and phrases were combined with more time appropriate ones. I have never seen a book whose flashbacks were written in the style Ms. Borissova uses, and it took me more than a few pages to get comfortable with it. The plotline, though, is strong.

The Last Secrets of the Ancient Island

Living near Mt Etna National Park, Kate is miserable in her marriage and holding on until she gets a new career and can better provide for herself and son. She is also having a long-term affair with Michael.

Michael is an architect whose younger brother, Ralph, is still recovering from an accident. When bad guys are threatening them and a driver is endangering people’s lives, Michael must decide if he is helping or hurting Kate.

While this is a contemporary story, the use of history as a plot device was employed well. The characters' names and U.S. references were distracting in a story based in Sicily. What sells this story is the desperate sadness and longing in the characters as they continue dragging themselves forward. The book jumps around more than LeBron James in the second quarter, so to get the full impact of the story, readers may need to reread certain passages.

Both stories are strong and moving, told with great emotion. Both also have huge “mother” issues. The way Ms. Borissova demonstrated love versus marriage was one of the best parts of the book.

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