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  Liberty Lane Series
  Book 1 - A Foreign Affair
  Book 2 - A Dangerous Affair
  Book 3 - A Family Affair

Book 3 in the Liberty Lane series
ISBN#: 9780061447495
June 2009
Avon, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
Rating: 4 cups

Liberty Lane is a very independent-minded woman for the year 1839. A music teacher for her respectable occupation, Liberty has a secret life only a few know about. Liberty is a private intelligencer (private investigator).

Stephen Brinkburn has spent his whole life knowing that he is the eldest son of Lord and Lady Brinkburn. He knows what he will inherit and what his brother, Miles, will not. Now, his father is ill and his mother is spreading lies that will corrupt his life.

Lord Brinkburn is spending his last days in a sanatorium due to syphilis eating away his mind. Only now does his wife come forward with the secret that Stephen is not Lord Brinkburn’s son. Miles is, of course, taunting his brother. The family lawyer, Mr. Lomax, hires Liberty to help uncover the truth. As she begins her process, the body of Simon Handy, Lord Brinkburn’s personal servant, is discovered in a crate of antique armor. Liberty is in attendance at the uncrating of the armor at the request of Miles Brinkburn. It is up to Liberty to find out the truth about Stephen Brinkburn’s birth, but she may also find a murderer as her search continues.

From Abel Yard to the Brinkburn estate, I got lost in the world of Liberty Lane. This is such an exciting time for England with Queen Victoria on the throne and the times are changing. Ms. Peacock not only describes each scene with such incredible style, the plot refuses to relinquish its hold on the reader until the back cover is closed. The rebel in me loved Liberty from the start. She is a twenty-three year old woman whose mind is far from thinking of marriage and babies. She has an intriguing career which is so uncommon for that era. I have another book by Ms. Peacock sitting on a shelf awaiting the moment when I can read it. After this book, that one moves to the top of my list.

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