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Dommissima Series
Book 1: Master
Book 2: A Dom's Decision
Book 3: The Girl on the Bus
Book 4: Nina's Dom

Dommissima, Book 2
ISBN: 9781771307765
26 March 2014
Evernight Publishing
107 Pages
Alternative, M/M, BDSM, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

For all of his accomplishments, Athol Donaldson cannot say he is really and truly happy. Even being content is no longer possible after one little stranger shakes his world.

Hearing that voice again after so many years, Eden Murdoch’s heart goes into overdrive. He is afraid to hope, because this could be their last chance.

As stressed as Athol is over this mess from the past, it is nothing compared to the nerves of seeing Eden again. It only takes a moment to know his feelings are as strong now as they were years ago. Eden is just as anxious, especially not knowing if Athol is as willing to compromise as he is. Their feelings however are far too deep to ignore, even if someone out there is trying to stir up trouble.

The opportunity for a second chance is too good to pass up for Athol and Eden. Thankfully, they are a little older and wiser this time around, so the possibility for a great relationship is theirs for the taking. What makes their story even better is that the problems arising from the past belong to both of them. It is their love, affection, and a true friendship that give them the strength to meet this challenge head on.

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