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ISBN#: 1456304372 / 9781456304379 – print / ASIN: B004AYD69E - Ebook
Nov 2010
Victory Tales Press
Paperback / E-Book
$9.99/ $3.99
133 Pages
Contemporary Romance, Western Romances, Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Scarlet Ribbons

Miguel Rivera is a feared gun slinger known as El Diablo. Five years ago he left his sweetheart, Catalina, unaware she was pregnant. Now, on Christmas Eve he has finally returned home only to learn Lina is the proprietress of a small boarding house, and he has a young daughter who lost her vision a year ago. Some strange things happen to Miguel as he experiences a miracle that may change his life forever.

This is a lovely, sentimental tale told in a contemplative manner about a dangerous man who is brought to the realization that sometimes a tainted soul can be cleansed when given a second chance.

The Proposal

As Thanksgiving approaches, Jacqueline Andrews is excited, because she is almost certain that her boyfriend, Brad, will be proposing. She can barely contain her excitement as she rattles off the various clues that have led her to this conclusion. Tyler Jordan listens attentively while wondering how he could be stuck in this predicament. He knows that he must work quickly to convince Jacqueline that he is the man she should marry, not Brad.

I enjoyed this short read mainly because I liked that the characters were quite open about their hopes and expectations. I found it refreshing to read a short romance without the usual coy flirtatiousness and manipulative scheming that is so inherent in most.

My Life and Times with Nickolopolus Christog Cringelenstien Clausener

This is an imaginative story that explores life at the North Pole in Santa’s Village. Narrated first by Mrs. Claus, she tells the story of their unusual courtship. Next, the jolly old elf himself pipes up and reminisces humorously about those early years of marriage.

Relax with your hot chocolate while being transported back to a magical beginning that will have you chortling. This sweet story provides a smart and unique glimpse of the foundation of secular Christmas magic you will have never thought of yourself in a thousand years.

Angel and the Cowboy

Max Garrison is a recently retired U.S. Marshall who moved back home to his family ranch near Boulder City, Texas, about eighteen months ago. He is a plain-spoken, kind man. Daniella Sommers is a lonely young woman who owns Sommers Tea Parlor and Book Shoppe in Boulder City. Her parents recently died. Max is determined to persuade the lovely Daniella to be his bride.

This is a charming tale that is easy to read because it flows beautifully. I love the way it made me feel, like I was back in the Texas Old West. It is so easy to picture Main Street and the characters – the author painted indelible pictures in my mind with her words.

I liked each story in this collection. My Life and Times with Nickolopolus Christog Cringelenstien Clausener by Charlotte Raby certainly ranks as one of the most original Santa stories I have ever read. My favorite story, though, is Angel and the Cowboy by Celia Yeary. Daniella and Max are so very realistic it is almost as if they are about to step out of the page to give me a friendly “Howdy”. This story just oozes with, what I imagine is, a well-researched, accurate depiction of life in the Hill Country of Texas during the late 1800’s. All four stories may be read and enjoyed by anyone as there is no explicit sex or foul language.

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