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ISBN# 9781908086324
Xcite Books, an imprint of Accent Press Ltd.
$4.84-USA/ $4.69-CAN/ £2.99-GBP
60 Pages
Spanking; Erotica
Rating: 3 Cups

Caution: These tales have also been published in Naughty Spanking Three.

A Caning for the Goddess

The Mistress believes in doling out both punishment and pleasure when it is needed as well as when it is wanted. Serena and Adelaide know they will be caned for the Dark Moon ritual, but the Afterglow party will also be fantastic.

I had a hard time reading this story. There are so many words thrust into each sentence that I felt as if I was trying to peruse a story that was more about the wording than the spanking. Some of the language used to describe body parts, sexual gratification, and sexual actions are over the top and left me shaking my head.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is awakened not by a handsome prince but by a woman. Lady Della then takes Sleeping Beauty back to her place where she spends her time teaching the slumberous beauty all there is to know about spanking.

This is a cute story. I like how the fairytale became a spanking tale. This delicious tale will keep you nice and cozy warm in all the right ways as you read it.

Hard Times at the Nymphomaniac Rehabilitation Facility

Sadie was not looking forward to the Nymphomaniac Rehab center until she learned how they punished you for behaving badly. From then on, she learned to get into as much trouble as she could.

This is one hot tale! Sensual from the beginning to the end, you can practically feel the passion pour out of the pages. This is so yummy I devoured it like a hot, fresh slice of homemade bread. Ms. Grace has done an outstanding job of writing this erotic piece.

Truly Scrumptious

He renames Holly, Truly and explains that he and his wife, Katrin, have an open marriage. After getting permission from his wife, he shows Truly exactly how open he can be.

This is an interesting read. At times it is extremely steamy and left me panting for more. Other times I felt as if there was so much focus on words to describe the genitalia that I lost focus on the story itself. Mr. Ramsden did a good job of writing this sexy tale.

The Psychiatrist

Heather is going to see a psychiatrist who is supposed to help her with her sleepless nights. Dr. Carol Lambert uses a unique approach to try and cure Heather of her sleeping problems.

This is a different story, but I rather liked how the sleeping problem was approached. The way Heather starts out not being sure if she wants to be spanked or not to ending up climaxing give it realism as it shows a character who is unused to being spanked. Nicely written and hot in many spots, Ms. Davidson has written a spicy spanking tale.

A Caning for the Goddess is a novel full of five highly erotic tales. I like how each one is unique but at the same time has enough common ground to be in the pages of this anthology. Some of the stories were written smoother than others, but overall this was a delightful book to read. This novel at times makes you want to beg for more spanking action.

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