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ISBN: 9781621350231
April 2012
Astraea Press
213 Pages
Historical Romance Regency
Rating: 4 cups

Sophie Devereux is an heiress and an orphan. She is a bit unconventional in both her beauty and her behavior. She will not be cowed by her overbearingly awful aunt and fop of a cousin.

Theo Cavanaugh is a bit unconventional himself. The second son of an earl, he rejects life in the army and in the clergy to become an importer and seller of wine. He is quite successful at it, considered a bit of an eccentric by the Ton.

Not wanting to be forced to marry her cousin Perry, Sophie runs away. It is fortunate that Theo just happens to be driving by. Theo does not feel so fortunate when a hoyden of a girl falls from a tree into his curricle and nearly causes a wreck, but he agrees to help her get to London, away from a forced marriage. So the adventures begin.

This author has taken a run-of-the-mill Regency tale and raised it several notches. The characters are realistic, interesting and charismatic. The plot is full of unexpected twists and turns due to Sophie’s intrepid spirit and the unusual nature of her inheritance. The author has an excellent feel for the time period and makes the reader believe as if she is truly in early nineteenth century England, without losing the perspective her characters are real people and not historical characters.

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