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The Bridal Pleasure Series

Book 1: A Duke's Temptation
Book 2: A Bride Unveiled
Book 3: The Duchess Diaries

The Bridal Pleasures Series, Book 2
ISBN # (13) 9780451413116 / (10) 0451413113
October 4, 2011
Signet Select
$ 7.99
352 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Violet Knowlton was a spirited child who found herself fascinated by the little boy who played swordsman in the cemetery that was off-limits near her house. When she finally meets Kit, she begins a band of friends who fill her childhood with joy and adventure. As a woman, she has settled down and is willing to do what will make her aunt happy. But will she be tempted to follow her heart rather than her head when she meets the mysterious sword master taking London by storm?

Kit was raised in the pauper palace, accustomed to work and mistreatment. When he finally meets the girl who so often gazed at him while he practiced his swordsmanship, he figures he will never see her again. But he does and she becomes a pivotal part of his childhood. Will he ever see her again?

When the two meet back up in London, at first neither recognizes the other beyond an attraction that burns bright from its inception. When they realize they were old friends, brought back together by fate and desire, they find their passion hard to resist. Will they find a way to be together even though everything around them is intended to tear them apart? Or will they be torn apart, as they were so very long ago?

Hunter took an interesting path for a historical novel, showing the characters as childhood friends with all the dynamics that come with it. With a tone reminiscent of Frances Hogson Burnett, the young characters enchanted me. When they met again as adults, I was already half in love with Kit from his childhood persona and easily saw how Violet would find the dashing adult version irresistible. A great love story, full of interesting secondary characters and lovely prose.

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