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ISBN#: 9781933836324
October 2008
Medallion Press
1020 Cedar Ave., Suite 216 St. Charles, IL 60174
Mass Market Paperback
511 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Dr. Gloriana Morgan is an associate professor of Botany and a twelfth-level practitioner of magic. When she practices her magic and takes care of her plants, her emotions make everything that much better. For her there is a huge satisfaction in giving a growing flower or even a spell your heart and watching it give you spectacular effects in return. With her loving family and a great job, the only thing missing in her life is a soul mate.

Dr. Marcus Forscher is a professor of Mathematics and an eleventh-level practitioner of magic. His life is best explained with a mathematical equation. When he sees magic spells, he looks upon them in a calculating way, not with his heart. Finding a simple equation that befits all magical spells, he decides to explain about it in the publication of record for the magic practitioner community. Marcus believes that emotions and feelings do not belong in magical spells in any way.

When Gloriana and Marcus meet for a heated debate, it is not just tempers that explode. Instant attraction becomes potent and thickens into desire. As an orderly person, Marcus sees Gloriana as too emotional and unorganized. While she looks at the professor and sees someone who needs to feel and live more and get out of his stuffy box. When the editor of the journal explains that they will travel to different cities to debate their ideas about magic, Marcus and Gloriana do not think it is such a good idea. Will their attraction for each other lead them into each others' arms, or will these polar opposites find out that opposites do not make good pairing?

Ms. Macela has written an interesting story about magic, incorporating science and sensuality into it. Your Magic or Mine? started out a little slow for me, building into a crescendo as I read along. Some of the terminology was confusing, and with some of the scientific explanations being used I felt like I was in school again. The sex scenes were absolutely beautifully written and when the two main characters did react physically to each other, there was a wonderful feel of romance about it. Each sensual scene was sweet and amorous leaving me with a smile on my face. At times humorous, sad, passionate, mad, and happy, this tale is a good read for those who like stories of magic and romance.

Caution: This tale contains steamy sex scenes and red-hot romance!

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