ISBN# #1-59578-059-9
November 2004
Liquid Silver Books
111 pages

YOUR DESIRE is a charming anthology of new love and the joy in being yourself.  The
two stories, by Dee S. Knight and Francis Drake are well written, engaging, hot, and
are connected in the strength of the women characters and their willingness to love.

In YOUR DESIRE, a magical clothing store appears to enhance the passion of two
women with the perfect dress, and then disappears to help the next deserving woman.  
The first story in the anthology is THE ARTIST AND THE DIRECTOR.

In THE ARTIST AND THE DIRECTOR, Derica Meadows is an outwardly conservative
accountant focused on her career.  When Derica buys the perfect ball gown, she is
mistaken for a model and thrown into a photo shoot.  Meeting the male co-star of the ad
campaign sets up life-altering changes that give Derica a chance for the romance she
needs.  She then finds the bravery to enjoy a wonderful love regardless of the impact to
her career.  When Derica’s employers and their wives try to interfere with her new
lifestyle, her reactions were nearly perfect.  Derica was a character I can identify with
and truly admire.  The hero had just the right amount of bad boy to be hot, but was a
gentleman who openly cared for Derica.  The location descriptions were intriguing and
secondary characters do not try to take on a life their own, but act as a catalyst for the

The second part of the anthology, AWARDS NIGHT, is the story of the woman everyone
goes to when they need something done.   Allison Hayes, a nurse, is going home from a
local charity event wearing an odd dress purchased at YOUR DESIRE when she finds a
man crashed in her pasture.  When he experiences temporary blindness and needs a
place to recovery for the night Allison makes herself, once again, available to help.  
However, this time instead of Allison doing all the giving, the blinded hero gives her the
night of her dreams, and eventually the hope for a sexually romantic future.  AWARDS
NIGHT is wonderful and every woman who has received a call that started with “I need
your help” will identify with Allison. I also loved how Allison stayed true to her
compassionate personality when she realized that she wanted and deserved more from
life than just giving.  The hero had just enough vulnerability combined with wounded
alpha personality to make him desirable.  The background characters and scenes also
supported the book well.    

Every woman who felt better after buying a new outfit will love YOUR DESIRE, and look
at small dress shops with a little longing.  YOUR DESIRE is a keeper that will have me
re-reading it not only for the great sex and wonderful characters, but also for a wonderful
reminder of how truelove can come when you are yourself.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance