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ISBN# 0-7582-1409-X
October 1, 2006
Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022
$14.00 U.S./$20.00 Canada
272 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Face it; there is no such thing as true love, according to Jamie Peters. The social worker has decided to give up on love all together until her psychic friend informs she will meet the one person in her life by accident. If that were only true, but when she happens to bump into a gorgeous hunk on the subway, something tells her this may be the one for real. Then again, there is something about this handsome stranger that is too good to be true.

Jonathon Davidson, or Jack, is one who does not believe in fate. In fact, when he runs into Jamie he pretends that he really has no idea whom she is, when in reality, he is her roommates’ brother. Better yet, he is stalking her and cannot really confide the reason.

The moment Jack saw Jamie she was gorgeous, eye-catching gorgeous. Of course, he is on a mission to find out if she is legit. The only way he could get close to her was to set up an accidentally meeting. Her agency is requesting funds from his grandfathers’ foundation, but he fears that the agency might not be on the up and up, with even some illegal trading and he needs to cover all the bases. Jamie is love struck when she stumbles into Jack. It is like a dream come true for her and she never wants to wake. As time passes, Jamie soon learns the real identity of Jack and cannot believe that she has fallen over heels for the man. The sex was warm and exciting and now she feels betrayed. She should have known there was no love for her in the cards. But Jack is determined not to give up as he goes out of his way to try to win her back into his heart, and his life, but Jamie is not certain if she can ever find it in her heart to trust him again.

You Don’t Know Jack is an upbeat fascinating story. Jamie and Jack have a persona about them that really makes them click. The dialogue is fabulous, the chemistry simmers and the action superb. The sparks practically lift from the pages. Ms. McCarthy really fashions a remarkable story that kept this readers interest. I loved the part where Jamie had just eaten tuna and worried about smelling like the New York Aquarium when she saw Jack approaching. Then when she was explaining how she just happened to have sex with him by accident, I thought I would roll on the floor laughing. This story has its moments and the characters are so true to life, they almost become part of your family, even with the wonderful secondary characters. Jack is a hoot and I fell in love with his antics, and Jamie is a complete joy. Ms. McCarthy pens a remarkable tale of learning to love and trust while finding that magical charm in the process.

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