ISBN#: 158608-371-6
April 2005
New Concepts Publishing
217 Pages

Julie is a single mom.  Her daughter, Shannon, is about to marry the son of her widower
best friend.  Shannon has not only invited her father to the wedding, but also to stay at
their home.  The situation becomes explosive when everyone discovers Shannon has
eloped with her old boyfriend.  Years of pent up hurt and betrayal between Max,
Shannon's father and Julie come to the surface, as does their even stronger desire for
each other, with life changing results.  Will Julie and Max be able to cope with their new
intimacy and rediscover the love they had for each other?

The husband and wife team who became Barri Bryan write an emotional novel about a
couple’s second chance at love, but only if they can overcome a lifetime of hurt feelings
and cruel words.  While reading, at times the question was not will they get together, but
should they.  This occurs while readers are feeling how much the couple still want each
other, but they have a great deal to overcome.

Julie has built up a huge emotional wall to protect herself in her relationship with men
and Max continues to see other women throughout the book.  The sex between the pair
is loving, though, and appears to reflect Julie and Max’s true emotions.  Readers will
want the couple to just admit their need for each other, instead of hiding behind hateful

Their daughter is a great representation of how her parents act, as opposed to what
they say, and is therefore very tough emotionally.  The background characters and
setting reflect a "soap opera" style drama with petty bickering and sniping, and keep the
book moving at a quick pace.  You Belong to Me is a great read for anyone who enjoys
highly emotional second chance romances.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance