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ISBN: 1897261632
Release Date: Unavailable
Champagne Books
89 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Samantha Wells is trying to convince her father that she is ready to run Wishing Wells Bed and Breakfast on her own. She wants him to retire and take it easy due to his ill health. She does not realize that he still has enough spunk to turn her world upside down.

James Norcross is the consummate cowboy and he does not tolerate deceit. He has come back to the Wishing Wells Inn with a hard heart but cannot help his feelings for Samantha.

Samantha is outraged when she finds out about her father’s atipulations to give her the Inn. She may still love James but she could never trust him let alone marry him. He had left her at the altar believing that she had betrayed him with his best friend. James was so sure that Samantha had cheated on him that he never gave her a chance to explain. Now that he is back his head and heart are once again battling it out. How could he believe that his lifelong best friend was the enemy and he had been so wrong about Samantha? Samantha would grant her father’s wish, but would James ever love and trust her enough to make a marriage work?

The romance in this story is so overshadowed with mistrust there is little else left. Samantha’s character seems to be easily coerced, not only by her father, but James and Brad as well. James is full of mixed signals. He loves Samantha but does not trust her, and lies to her as well himself about his feelings. In my opinion the characters and the storyline were both unconvincing and sporadic.

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