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ISBN# (10) 0-06-114055-4 and (13) 978-0-06-114055-6
February 2007
Avon (HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
$13.95 U.S./$17.50 Canada
400 Pages
Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Lorelei Taylor had no idea after she was not charged for the murder of Ed Branson, that returning home to Kettle, a place she promised never to return, the people would make her feel just as guilty as the ones she left behind in New York. Apparently the scandal was like some baggage that always stayed intact.

Sarah Gilchrist, a once dancer, and member of the social club, who practically counts every calorie, is not too happy with the arrival of Lorelei. She refuses to allow the newcomer to push any of her buttons; then again Lorelei may be her destruction.

Erin Hall has the gut feeling that Lorelei did actually kill Ed Branson, the sadistic lover. If that be the case, perhaps Erin can find a loophole to get rid of the husband who gives her a good bit of grief behind closed doors. With Lorelei’s help, maybe she can find the courage to stop the menace.

Mike Curtis, the town’s most eligible bachelor every woman wants to marry.

Joan Russell practically raised her son, Joe, alone. She feels no wife was really suited for Joe, a butcher, even though he married Erin. She lives for her own personal grudge and loves pulling Erin’s chain.

It had been a stunner to all, how one woman was found not guilty for a crime others were certain she committed, but Lorelei was a free woman and freedom never looked better. Shaking off the dust from her shoes, she decides against her better judgment to return home to Wisconsin. Kettle was a small town and she could live life without everyone knowing her past. Boy had she been wrong. She never imagined the tiny town, where one practically needed a drink, instead of staying sober, would think she was actually guilty. She soon learns Kettle has their own little secrets that seem to carry a bit more chaos then hers. The more she sees her dear neighbor, Sarah, Erin, not to mention the wacky Joan it appears they have skeletons jumping to surface from behind closed doors. She decides to shake up the town and put on a show to really hit the headlines. Look out Kettle Lorelei is back in town. Could life get anymore precarious?

Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakthrough is a complex story surrounding a wide category of different characters. Each personality has their own viewpoint, and happenings that spin in their life making this page-turner unique. Lorelei certainly knows how to create some stirring agitation and once she heads back home things really erupt into full-blown pandemonium. Colorful characters, nail-biting conversation, at times, with an intense plot of mishaps, Isabel Sharpe creates characters that leave an impression that is hard to forget. If you want a remarkable read that really gives a wide range of variety while seeing how the other side lives, then this is one book that should not be missed. Ms. Sharpe fashions a delightful read this reader enjoyed.

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