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ISBN# 978-1-59426-255-5/e-book and 978-1-59426-254-8 Trade Paperback
April 2007
Mundania Press
$6.00 E-Book and $13.95 Trade Paperback
200 pages
YA fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Marty Hosgrove is an off-duty EMT. He just ended his shift and is getting ready to head home when he and his partner, Lara Wilkins, are confronted with a crazy storm. Neither expected finding any badly injured girl.

Jack and Grace Harsay hear shouting and are curious to the noise. When they see a girl badly hurt in the water, they do not hesitate to bring the bruised girl to safety.

Two children are found battered and bruised after a crazy storm, and people question why anyone would beat up two innocent children. The doctor believes it is no coincidence. As Grace searches for the two EMT’s she noticed at the scene, Grace clings to the young girl and hates to release her but she needs medical help. The next morning Grace returns to check on the girl, bringing a teddy bear and some items for her. The children are given the name Jenny and Jane Doe, yet they do not match the description of any missing children. Jenny seems to take a shine to Grace more than anyone else but there is something amiss with the children no one can make out. Someone wanted the children dead and when danger spins around Grace, it seems some secrets should not be revealed.

This is a very interesting story, one that thoroughly held my attention. All the characters are in-depth and the premise with the children is intense and spellbinding. Wolves On The West Side is a tantalizing story for young and old. The touch of mystery is quite intriguing. I look forward to the other book in this series. Michelle L. Levigne weaves an eye-opening tale that is wonderfully fashioned. I anxiously wait for the second installment in this rewarding tale.

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