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ISBN# 978-1-60504-476-7
March 24, 2009
Samhain Publishing
143 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Robyn Maxwell works in a bakery and loves tasty treats. She is deaf, which sometimes frustrates her when having to deal with hearing people who are not used to someone who cannot hear.

Keil is a wilderness guide who also happens to be a werewolf. He just wants to relax before he has to win the challenge to be Alpha of his pack.

When Robyn’s brother cannot go with her on their planned wilderness outing, Robyn decides to go by herself. She arrives with no problems, makes herself at home, and decides to use the new sauna. What she does not count on is coming naked out of the sauna to get more snow, and running into two strange men. Terrified out of her mind, she gets back inside the sauna and locks the door. By then it is too late, because Keil is already starting to suspect that Robyn is his mate. As if he did not have enough on his mind already with the upcoming challenge, he discovers his mate is deaf, and has no idea she is a werewolf like him. Not sure how to explain without freaking Robyn out, Keil opts for discretion, but when Robyn, who is quite the lip reader, catches him and his brother TJ discussing her, he is forced to explain. It is all downhill from there, until an unexpected surprise nearly ruins everything.

Wolfsigns is a highly entertaining story! I loved Robyn and her snarky attitude is to die for. Keil is the perfect alpha male, but I really also liked how he respected Robyn while trying to protect her. He never belittles her for thinking she can stand up for herself, and he in fact encourages it. Kiel’s brother TJ really had me laughing with his antics as well, and his character added great dimension to the story. The descriptions of the Yukon wilderness are breathtaking, as is the heated romance between Robyn and Keil. You really do not want to miss this one, especially if snarky heroines are your favorite!

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