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ISBN#: 978-0-515-14470-3
June 2008
Jove Books (Berkley Publishing Group by the Penguin Group)
375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014
400 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Sunshine Phillips loves Scotland. One day she hopes to call it home, if she can find her dreamy Highland lord. Nothing pleases her more than the quaint cottage she is able to stay in until she finds herself in a different time.

Robert Cameron has never been married. Since his parents never had a happy marriage, that is the last thing on his mind, and then again the reasonable woman has not come along, until he discovers Sunny who changes everything.

Sunny leaves for Scotland to help her sister until the baby arrives. One day she hopes her handsome prince will come along, but she never anticipated him to be from the past. He is known as Cam and is a medieval laird. After his brothers are wounded on the battlefield, he can only hope both will not die. Cam refuses to be the only Cameron member left standing. His only hope is journeying to the witch’s hut and bringing the witch to heal his dying brother. He never expected to be greeted by Sunny, and his first impression is to throw her over his shoulder and carry her away. Before Sunny can even catch a breath she is swept into medieval uproar. The battle not only blazes on the battlefield, but within the heart of Sunny and Cam, as villagers threaten to get rid of the strange woman. Cam will not allow anything to happen to the woman that has stolen his heart but what happens when Sunny is spiraled back to the 21st century?

With Every Breath is a spectacular tale of epic proportions. There is so much scheming and underhanded maneuvers spinning in this grand story. When I started reading, the words just exploded like a movie on a giant screen. Sunny and Robert really give meaning to the storyline. I love the way their relationship slowly buds. The change into the time period mesmerizes the reader. Of course there were times I wanted to offer Sunny some tissues, but she was only in character. Lynn Kurland crafts a story that captures the reader’s heart and plunges them straight into the fast-paced action. This extraordinary tale is worthy of five cups. The superb writing and tantalizing dialogue creates a spellbinding romance.

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