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The Otherworld Series
Book 1: Witchling
Book 2: Changeling
Book 3: Darkling
Book 4: Dragon Wytch
Book 5: Night Huntress
Book 6: Demon Mistress
Book 7: Bone Magic
Book 8: Harvest Hunting
Book 9: Blood Wyne

ISBN# 0-425-21254-5
October 2006
Berkley Publishing Group
375 Hudson Street, New York. N.Y. 10014
$6.99 US/ $9.99 Canada
293 Pages
Rating: 5 cups

Camille D’Artigo and her two sisters Delilah and Menolly are half human half fairies, well, Camille is a witch, Delilah is a shape-shifting tabby and Menolly is a vampire. Camille owns the Indigo Crescent a bookstore that is also a front for Other world Intelligence Agency. Camille and her sisters are here to help keep an eye out for the other otherworldies. When Jocko a gentle giant is killed, Camille is sure something is wrong, and once she smelled the demon on the rope that is found on Jocko, Camille is counting on big trouble.

As Camille suspected the murder is just the start of more to come, as the Shadow Wing an evil Demon from the Subterranean realms is about to destroy the earth world and other-world, making it all his own domain. The Wayfarer Inn is a portal to the otherworld and a hangout for humans and other-worlders alike. Camille knows this is where the Shadow wing will send his minions through to wreak their havoc. Camille and her sisters have to stop that from happening.

Camille and her sisters get ready for the fight of their life, what Camille is not ready for her ex Trillian to come into her life, but needs the extra help for the upcoming fight. But just as Camille thinks they may be able to handle it all, The Bad A himself shows up; this is one huge demon with so much power, and although Camille’s small army has some power, Camille is scared, that they might not win this battle.

Awesome, this author takes you into a whole new world where fairies and witches and giants exist. Ms. Galenorn created some very creative characters that have their powers or no powers at all. The three sisters are all different as night and day but the love for each other is strong. This is the first in this series; I look forward to seeing the stories of the other two sisters. I loved how the author gave each sister not only a power but insecurity also. In this book, you will find non-stop action; along with some light antics, and romance. All this is blended together giving you an extraordinary read.

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