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March 17, 2009
Resplendence Publishing
148 Pages
Historical Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lady Rhiannon Campbell is a sorceress with unimaginable power, power that can and just might go out of control. With the good magick flowing through her veins, she still feels the evil power waiting and ready to take over, and she is afraid that the evil will overcome her and take over her soul.

Lord Lachlan Fairbairn is a skilled Witch Hunter and is feared throughout Scotland. One of the reasons he has accepted the commission as an Inquisitor is land; the other reason is to stop a vile worm that goes by the name of Master Grigor Livingstone. Grigor lives to get confessions of witchcraft from women, even those who are innocent. The thought of torture and rape makes his quest all that more interesting.

Though she is a witch, Rhiannon knows she and her family must hide their true natures, especially when Lachlan and Grigor come calling. Finding out that her body craves the sensuality that Lachlan promises is hard enough to resist without the taint of him being a witch hunter. When secrets are discovered, secrets that Rhiannon is trying to hide as well as ones she does not know about, they will affect her very life. Then, someone close to her betrays her in the worst way, and Lachlan must decide between the love of a witch and loyalty to his king. No matter what his choice, both may end up with the same result -- death for him and the woman he loves.

Ms. Armstrong has amazed me with her telling of Witch Hunter, bringing the sensuality, magic, hate, and love to life with her fantastic storytelling. Rhiannon is so strong and fights for what she wants and does not want to hide who she is, sending a message to all of us to be proud of who and what we are. Lachlan struggles as well, but for him it is to prove to his father that he can be this great person, even though it is not morally who he is. Add the spicy hot sex scenes, a very evil and dangerous foe, and a very superstitious King, and you will find yourself embroiled in this story. With twists and turns aplenty and an incredible fight between good and evil, this tale is the perfect ending to a sensational series, a series I might add that you do not have to read to understand these intriguing and intricate characters.

Caution: This tale contains sex scenes of f/f, as well as voyeurism, and an m/f/m scene.

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